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Welcome to visit taian yongtai mechanical equipment co., LTD. Web site ! TEL0538-8528186 Chinese English
Honesty and integrity: we abide by the principles, words and deeds must be fruitful. Continuous innovation: to do better, faster, always ahead of others. Create good results: always exceed customer expectations. Corporate responsibility: service and improve our community. Multicultural: Haina hundred rivers, safeguard people's dignity. Global participation: Look ahead World, transnational operation


    Tai'an Yongtai Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of the 523 Factory of China Weapon Industry Group. It is located in the middle section of Longtan South Road of Tai'an High-tech Development Zone, Shandong Province. The main factory area covers 113 mu. It has comprehensive management buildings, machining rooms, auxiliary workshops and auxiliary water and electricity facilities, with a construction area of nearly 20,000 square meters. Square meter. The factory has 560 registered employees, including nearly 50 professional and technical personnel, with 457 metal cutting machines, more than 30 forging equipment, more than 20 kinds of testing equipment, fixed assets of 50 million yuan, is the Tai'an Medium-sized Mechanical and Electrical Products Production Company produced by the "Yongtai" brand variable-frequency fuel injection pump test bench, divided into 12PSB-A More than 20 varieties of 12PSB-C and 12PSB-D series with complete specifications can satisfy the customers'inspection of mechanical injection pump, VE pump and mechanical monomer pump. The fuel injection pump test stand has high stability and high reliability


Tai'an Yongtai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Tel: 0538-8528186

Fax: 0538-8528196

Mobile phone: 13335289221

Address: middle section of Longtan South Road, Tai'an

Contact: Manager Zhang

Mailbox: tayongtai@163.com

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The "Yongtai" brand variable-frequency fuel injection pump test-bed produced by the company is divided into 12 PSB-A, 12 PSB-C, 12 PSB-D three series, more than 20 varieties, model specifications are complete, to meet the user's testing of mechanical fuel injection pump, VE pump, mechanical single pump.Welcome to inquire0538-8528186